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The future is solar!

Sustainable solutions for lighting municipalities and companies

As an international environmental technology company, we offer you innovative, already proven, reliable solutions and products: solar lighting of roads, paths, bus stops, squares, parks, objects, fountains … read more

Central advantages

Cost savings

The sun supplies the operating current via highly efficient photovoltaic modules. So there are no electricity costs as a consequence of the installation. In addition, the laying work of power cables (excavation, insertion, connection and, if necessary, cover such as asphalting) is eliminated. Furthermore, the installation work of terminal boxes, as well as wiring materials (armored cables, terminal boxes), are avoided.


Up to now dark sections and paths are better illuminated. Due to the special circuit or regulation of the lighting, for example by using motion detectors, additional attention is encouraged even in quieter areas.


The evening ambience of a place is largely determined by its lighting. The pleasant visual effect of modern lighting technology contributes positively to the mediated atmosphere and enhances the tourist attractiveness of this area.


The modern luminaires direct their light to the intended areas and avoid unnecessary light immissions in the peripheral environment. Thus, they shine environmentally friendly and protect the fauna.


The lights are made of environmentally friendly, safe and reusable materials. They support the sustainable and ecological approach.

CO2 reduction

The operation of solar lighting is 100% with green solar power. So no climate-damaging CO2 is released.