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Intelligent Light Control

Our solar lights have an intelligent light controller.

Thus, the light can be switched on and off according to a predefined time sequence and optionally by means of motion detectors. The light can also be dimmed and activated as needed.

All this contributes to optimally adjusting the light to the desired application.

Additional Sensors

Optionally, our solar lights can be equipped with various additional sensors.

For example, this may be a detection sensor for counting pedestrians and cyclists. Such a count is useful for planning sidewalks and cycle paths, designing tourist areas and similar applications. Because the sensors do not take photos or collect personal information, counting is permitted.

An additional, optional display can directly display the current counter readings for passers-by. This motivates to use the sidewalks and bike paths and increases the tourist attractiveness. In the case of bike paths, it is evidence of a bike-friendly community or region.

Control & Telecommunication

Our solar lights operate completely self-sufficient. This means that they work self-contained and independently of each other.

Optionally, we can also couple the solar lights for you. This can be useful if several lights are to be switched simultaneously. The coupling takes place via radio signals, so that no cabling is necessary.

For this, the solar lights can be equipped with transmitters. So they provide a useful infrastructure that is available for additional applications in addition to lighting and does not need to be built first.

Highly Efficient Solar Modules

We offer you solar lights that are equipped with highly efficient and robust but also aesthetic photovoltaic modules.

This ensures that the available surface is well utilized to gain as much solar energy as possible.

On the other hand, the photovoltaic modules can withstand heavy loads as well as harsh wind and weather and fit harmoniously into the luminaire design.

Optimized Charge Controller

The charge controllers applied make the best possible use of the power supplied by the photovoltaic module. They have a very high efficiency and low self-consumption in standby mode.

It is important to regulate efficiently, especially in times of reduced solar radiation, and to use the power delivered by the photovoltaic module with minimum losses for charging the solar battery.


Battery Management

The applied solar batteries are maintenance-free and safe. In order to fully exploit their capacity and service life, careful charging and high-quality battery management are important.